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Hand Painted Custom Gameboy Set - Pikachu


This set contains the following:

1x Hand painted Gameboy Color

1x Pokemon Yellow for Gameboy (Japanese)

1x Meowth figurine

Using high quality acrylic markers, this Gameboy has been customised by hand with a unique design that will not be replicated on my subsequent projects - a throwback to the N64 classic, Pokemon Snap!

As a special bonus, these first five Gameboys are accompanied by an original Japanese Pokemon game and figurine - something I may not be able to offer in the future (get them whilst you can).

To see a full view of this item (and others) follow this link:


- Each Gameboy is in full working order and is sealed with high resistance varnish. Note that Gameboy Colors are not region locked so can run Japanese, North American and European games. Ah, the good old days! Batteries not included.
- Each game is a working, original Japanese game. Whilst I have thoroughly tested each one, I cannot guarantee the state of the battery in each game, which can result in inability to save the game or loss of a save file. Follow the link below to see how to replace the battery.
- As is the way of retro gaming gear, all products shown are pre-owned. As mentioned they are also in working order.